Kenzly Classified Ads platform is a unique platform that specializes in ads for business, services, vacancies and resume. The platform is characterized by automatic approval of ads and allowing the publication of an infinite number of ads. The platform also supports all countries of the world and is translated into 29 languages. All you have to do is choose the country and language that suits you and then review ads in this country or add a new ad.

We have put all the services needed by individuals and companies with the ease of adding direct ads without the need for registration on the site, and advertisements are automatically approved.

The main advantages

  • multilanguage.
  • Multiple countries.
  • The site design is flexible and compatible with phones.
  • Integrated chat system.
  • Fields assigned to each section separately.
  • Compatible with search engines, which makes your ad appear on search engines easily.
  • Google Maps integrated.
  • Geolocation support.
  • Email notifications.
  • Rating and comments.
  • More features discovered now.

Through this platform, we seek to provide all the needs of business owners and companies, as well as startups, including commercial real estate, workspaces, virtual offices, legal services, accounting and many other services across the platform, which helps advertisers to find customers and also helps business owners to See suitable opportunities and services for them.

We also seek to provide the largest number of jobs opportunities, as we allow companies and business owners to send job requirements on the site and receive applications directly or chat with those who wish to apply for the job. Business owners can also review the CV section and search for employees with professional and technical expertise.

Create a CV

Now you can write a CV on our website easily, as many fields have been allocated to help you provide the most amount of information in the CV without resorting to a complex system or papers or paying financial fees for recruitment companies.

Ads fields

In order to provide opportunities for the success of the advertisement, multiple fields have been allocated to each section that helps the advertiser to add more data and make the advertisement more clear, which facilitates quick access to its goal. Writing additional fields is optional, but it should be noted that it helps and support advertising, as well as in the search engine on our site by using search filters so these fields will help you a lot.

Communicate and chat with advertisers

Now via our platform, you can talk to the advertiser through the built-in chat program on the platform for free. This program facilitates communication between advertisers and visitors, and there is a complete archive of all previous conversations. You can also communicate by calling directly on the phone or sending a message to the advertiser.

Promotion Service

We are happy to support advertisers with free or paid promotional services by sharing your ads on social networks, YouTube and other advertising platforms where the company selects samples and forms of ads that you promote for free.

Premium ads service

It is an optional service that appears when creating where you can choose a free ad or add to it a distinguished advertising service that appears in a fictitious way on our site and at nominal prices, you can make your ad more distinctive.

Membership Service

Participation in the site is free, but you can register on the site to control ads from modifying, adding or deleting. You can also subscribe to paid plans that provide additional services to advertisers, as well as save more money in case you have many ads.

To access plans and upgrade membership all you need. Registration on the site is free of charge, and from your control panel, there is a Memberships section through which you can upgrade as desired.

Control Panel

Each member has their own full control panel, through which they can manage ads, modify them, delete them, and view more reports and services via the control panel. For this, we recommend that you register on the site to follow the details of your ads and control them completely.

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Platform Details

  • Created 2019-04-02
  • Last Update 2020-04-30
  • Software
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