Olivia Hamel


These guys are simply amazing. Over a month in and I will never look back. I am hosting all of my primary web properties in one package that I have paid for. The support team has been responsive and helpful in every instance, and the servers are as fast (maybe faster) than any commercial web host I have ever used. I recommend them to all of my friends. I can't imagine why anyone would not take advantage of this kind of opportunity.

Willie Butler


I have been a customer for the last few months. I want to say I am totally blown away by their service. This is a never before concept and a boon for Entrepreneurs like me. I would suggest everyone avail of great services.

Diana Scott

Internet Marketer

We are moving all of our sites, domains and email contacts to you guys because it's vitally important to have all our sites load as fast as possible, which gives us an important edge over our competitors and to have everything in one place. It's very affordable for what it is and what we are getting for the money!

Jamie R. Carrillo


Like many independent authors, I need a website and domain name to market my children's books. With costs in mind, I look for quality, reliability, ease of use, and for me, I need to know that someone will answer my queries asap. I have found a company with staff who are genuine, loyal to their customers, and I will definitely stay with them.