Kenzly ID | One World.. One ID

Kenzly ID will make communication between people easier and more confident than before. You will have full control of privacy so No Worries. Kenzly ID is a new vision for future including a lot of features that people and business looking for. We were working for one year to understand people and business needs and how we can help and support both?! 
Most of the people looking for saving money and reach a variety of local and international markets and get special offers for shopping, eating, travel, events and education. By using Kenzly ID we can make it easier. 
On the other side, Business and markets are looking for more customers and reach more people locally or internationally. We can solve this difficult equation through the Kenzly platform and rely on the internationally standardized Kenzly identity.

Kenzly Id Features

kenzly ID comes with many features and more will be added gradually to our platform. The following points are to explore the main features:

  • Uniq Id number for each person "including kids"
  • Privacy and Sharing data "six levels of sharing"
  • Family Tree "carries memories, photos, videos and audios"
  • Easy contact "Tell people your ID and they will find how to contact you"
  • No fake social accounts "People will now see your official accounts on your profile"
  • Your Life story "Tell the world who you are and what do you do"
  • Education "A great opportunity for students to get special offers"
  • ٍShopping & Eating
  • Events
  • Travel & Trips

Early booking will help you get a number that can be easily Remembered & Shared. Our system will be online at 1/1/2020. The money will be returned if we do not reach 5000 Paid subscribers before the start date. If you like our project, join us now and get a unique number for you and your family members. The first participants who will support the project will certainly have special offers and features in the future.

Thank You All,
Kenzly Team