Kenzly ID | Contact & Social Media

Kenzly ID will make communication between people easier and more confident than before. Through your ID number, People Can easily find your social media accounts, email and phone number...etc. You will have full control of privacy so no worries.

Contact Me

People can contact you directly from your account and send messages to your email. People also will find public contact methods such as phone number and email address too.

Kenzly ID is much easier than the phone number, email address ... etc. Just give people your id. This number shows everything that is public in your account.

Social Media

No fake accounts on social media. People can reach your social media accounts from your profile directly. You will get more followers to all social accounts easily. You don't have to tell people your user name in each social platform.

Your Website

Add your official Websites or Blogs. Don't worry about how long URL is. Just give them your ID number.


To communicate with you on social media or to contact you, just send your ID number on Kenzly. Now on your personal card, you do not need to add a lot of information just add Kenzly ID.