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Business Directory Listing

Extra Flexible & Business Directory Listing Portal solution with industry innovative features, specifically designed for easy use. Kenzly Business Directory Listing Show business around the world & users Reviews. It helps to get new clients. 

Main Features:

  • Each Agent and user have a public profile page with all listings. 
  • Review system, Add to Favorites, Sharing options.
  • PDF Export for printing, Compare up to 4 listings at once.
  • Extra easy to use, drag & drop multi image upload, reorder images, pages, fields, widgets, search form fields.
  • QR code on each listing preview page to quick access from a smartphone.
  • Embedded YouTube videos supported for listings.
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly.
  • Countries SVG geo maps for easy location area based searching.
  • Custom fields with visual editors. No programming skills needed.
  • Frontend links to wireframe visual widget and searches forms editing
  • Ready to use multilanguage.
  • Auto-translating with MyMemory API service and Google translator. 
  • Dependent fields logic on submission, search form, results listing and listing preview
  • Real multicurrency support ( different currency and different price in a different language ).

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