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Kenzly Magazine

Kenzly Magazine provides opportunities for all professionals, publishers, Web developers and business owners to publish their articles. A diverse community specialized in Business and Web Solutions. It's Multi-author system and all authors have their own panel to manage their posts. 
Companies, Business owners and Business writers are welcome to post topics. Our platform aims to provide business-specific articles with the contributions of multiple publishers.

Profile Page & Follow the system

Each publisher has its own profile page that displays all the articles that have been published, which helps visitors and members get quick access to your articles.
There is also a followers system that allows publishers and members to easily follow up on publishers, and also shows the number of followers and their photos to access their profile easily.

Member benefits

  • Registration is a free and multilingual system.
  • Get specialized articles in the field of business published by specialists, experts and companies.
  • Ease to follow companies and publishers.
  • Easily view all articles for each publisher by visiting their profile page.
  • Ease of commenting on topics and sending questions and inquiries to publishers.
  • Easy access to social media pages for publishers via their profile page.
  • Easily bring news to each publisher using RSS technology.
  • Easy to save articles to favourites "reading list".
  • The ability to publish a topic easily provided that it conforms to the site's policy.
  • Add your personal photo to your account easily.

Publisher Benefits

  • The subscription is a free and multilingual system.
  • Publishers whose featured articles are selected will receive a printed edition of the Kenzly Magazine for free.
  • Followers system that facilitates quick access to your page and articles.
  • A profile page for each publisher that displays all the articles that have been published, as well as social media accounts and Bio.
  • Ease of publishing topics, and you can choose the type of article "Article - Audio - Video - Photo Album".
  • Ease of adding multiple pictures to one article.
  • Participation in publishing helps you to get followers on the site or increase your followers on social media platforms.
  • The ease of publishing a video article via YouTube, which provides an opportunity to increase your followers on YouTube.
  • Ease of control of your profile page and adding the services that can be provided.
  • Communication with other publishers and business owners through the site.
  • Communicating with the followers through comments and commenting on them.
  • The hashtag system through which you can mark your articles with a unique hashtag that refers to you or your company.
  • Easy to save articles to favourites "reading list" and users can back to your topics anytime.
  • You can add topics about your services.
  • You can add topics about your productions.
  • You can add topics about your company.
  • You can add topics as you can without limit.
  • you can schedule your topics to avoid abandoning.
  • You can select some topics to Registered Users only.

Best topics will be sent into our newsletter to users and subscribers.

It is a news platform specialized in business, easy to manage and browse, and free opportunity to develop and gain more experiences by reading specialized topics and comments dialogue with experts.

Also, an opportunity for publishers to showcase their expertise and attract more customers without fees.

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