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Kenzly has a lot of platforms and services as there are free and paid services across these platforms. Each platform has its own refund policy in case of termination or cancellation of the service. We also like to point out that most of the services are not refundable as most of them have a clear business model or give you a trial period before their final purchase such as the loyalty platform. 
Some services May require the purchase of additional programs or additional products according to the type of service and therefore it is difficult Money back.

Kenzly's services have been priced very well to suit the nature of each service and at very reasonable prices. In the case of dissatisfaction with the service, you can cancel your subscription.

Is it possible to cancel the purchase order for the product and get a refund?

The purchase order cannot be cancelled after completing the payment process because we may transfer the money to the producing company and certainly the refund process will not be available. So make sure to confirm your order before making the purchase.