Kenzly Business - Social Network for business and Friendship

Kenzly Business - Social Network for business and Friendship

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  • Date 16-03-2019
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Welcome to our Social Business Network

Kenzly business is a free social media platform helping people to submit their posts to followers or to everyone. Share easily now with kenzly. You don't have to boost your post just submit your products, posts, videos, voices, songs, and file directly. If the posts of your page are not reaching all your followers now the alternative solution is Kenzly Business.

Companies, Sellers and Marketers Can get More Buyers Easily Now.

Kenzly features:

1- Followers & Following - Kenzly use Followers system like Twitter and Instagram. 

2- Create and manage unlimited Groups, Events, and Pages.

3- Create your Blogs and Store "make your products appears to everyone"

4- Boost your post directly you don't have to create pages "Save your Time"

5- Users are able to create their own Story.

6- Multilanguage System

7- Submit your post to your Followers or for Everyone in our Platform.

8- Share your post easily to famous social media like Facebook and Twitter.

9- Many options are available for your post " Text, Photos, Videos, Gif, Audio files, Pdf, Products, and Articles.

10 - Easy to Start

11- Chat with others

12- Be Pro Member and get verification✔ too 

13- Easy to browse with by Phone or Tablet.

Submit your posts and Products Now

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