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User Agreement

All Customers of Kenzly's basic services are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement. The User Agreement is a legal contract between Kenzly and the User that contains the rights, duties, and obligations of Kenzly and the User.

Who we are?

Kenzly OÜ,
Sepapaja tn 6 Lasnamäe linnaosa,
Tallinn Harju maakond 15551,
Register number: 14522179
Email: Support@kenzly.eu
VAT ID: EE102083475


Kenzly does not assume any liability for damages or losses resulting from visiting the Website Kenzly.com, including the use of information made available on these web pages. We are also not liable for the content of hyperlinks to Websites of third parties. Kenzly responsibility for information connected to Kenzly own products and services is additionally limited by the Service Agreement of the appropriate product.


All information available on our Website including the content of a graphic, videos, Content, is the property of Kenzly unless the Content is marked or generally acknowledged to be the property of a third party. You may not copy, duplicate, print, or circulate the information of this Website without our prior written consent. If such information is allowed for use, this has to be stated explicitly on the third-party website.

Terms & Conditions

Kenzly provides web hosting to clients worldwide, and we have a responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best services available. By using the services, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound to any modifications of it. The following is a non-exclusive list of content, and behavior prohibited by the Service:

  • Content that contains or contains links to nudity, pornography, adult content, materials with sex, or foul language.
  • Content that condones, promotes, contains, or links to warez, cracks, hacks, their associated utilities, or other piracy-related information, whether for educational purposes or not.
  • Content that has been promoted through the sending of Spam or mail fraud schemes, or pages that promote or condone the sending of Spam. The sending of bulk email originating from our servers mass distributed to unknown recipients soliciting products or services, or of bulk email NOT originating from our servers mass distributed to unknown recipients soliciting products or services relating to a Kenzly Websites account will result in immediate account suspension.
  • Content that is grossly offensive to the community, including blatant expressions for bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred or excessive profanity, or to post any obscene, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectable material.
  • Content or otherwise that exploits children under 13 years of age.
  • Content that sells or promotes any products or services that are unlawful in the location at which the content is posted or received.
  • Content that infringes or violates any copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • Content that promotes mail fraud, multi-level marketing (pyramid) schemes or other illegal or fraudulent activities.
  • Content that posts or discloses any personally identifying information or private information about any third parties without their express consent.
  • Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or otherwise deriving the underlying source code or structure or sequence of any Kenzly Websites service, solution, or technology.
  • Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or otherwise deriving the underlying source code or structure or sequence of individual passwording of Subscriber Sites (or pages contained therein).
  • The customer will be under obligation to structure the internet website so as to prevent overloading of the server, e.g. by CGI scripts/PHPs scripts, which require extensive computing power and a disproportionate volume of working memory. “Overloading” means usage of the aforementioned resources that is so intensive as to cause a noticeable and significant disruption, or even breakdown, in the operations of a server of the Provider. The Provider will be entitled to limit correspondingly the resources for websites that do not fulfill the aforementioned requirements.
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), illegal copyrighted material
  • Denial-of-service attacks (DoS/DDOS attacks)
  • Registration from temporary emails, disposable e-mail addresses, fake email addresses is forbidden. All services will be permanently suspended.
  • Any type of botnets and illegal IRC servers
  • Torrent trackers & sites, warez sharing, nulled scripts
  • Network and port scan/brute-forcing


Change of Terms: Kenzly Websites Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy may be amended at any time and the new revision will take effect immediately. We will make every effort to communicate any significant changes to You via email or notification via the Service. Your continued use of the Service will be deemed acceptance of any amended policy.

Billing: At this time we bill monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually, depending upon the plan. We accept Bank transfers, Visa, Master Card & PayPal payment methods. Clients are encouraged to pay by credit card as it is the easiest way to handle payment at this time. There are no contract periods but for each successive period, your contract is automatically renewed unless we are notified otherwise.

Late Payments: All accounts are billed according to the dates they were first activated on. If you will not pay for service renew within 5 days after deactivation, your account will be suspended. If you will not pay for service renew in 30 days after deactivation, your account will be terminated. You will receive an email reminder 5 days till deactivation.


Annual shared hosting must be canceled within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for a full refund. Cancellation requests for monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual web hosting plans must be made within 72 hours of purchase to be eligible for a refund.

Non-Refundable Products and Services

The following products and services are non-refundable once purchased:

  • Domain registrations, transfers & renewals
  • Virtual Private Servers "VPS"
  • Virtual Dedicated Server "VDS"
  • Dedicated Server
  • SiteLock "Website Security"
  • CodeGuard "Website Backup"
  • SSL Certificates
  • Professional Email "OX App Suite"
  • Email Security
  • VPN Services
  • Marketgoo SEO Tools
  • Weebly SiteBuilder
  • Server control panels "cPanel, Windows Servers, etc."
  • WordPress Premium plugins and addon.
  • WordPress Premium Themes


Semi-managed support is included with all VPS, VDS packages, and Dedicated Server. With semi-managed, our techs will install software at your request, look into load issues, network problems, hardware/server failure, etc.

The following is not included in semi-managed:

  • Script or software configuration
  • Installation of third party scripts/software like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc
  • Configuration of control panel like cPanel/WHM, Webmin, DirectAdmin, etc.


We are entirely using SSL/HTTPS throughout all our sites. This encrypts our user communications with the servers so personal identifiable information is never captured by third parties without authorization. Databases are sanitized (actual user personal details are removed) before deploying to the development or testing environment. In case of a data breach, System administrators will immediately go through affected users and will attempt to reset passwords if needed after informing the user.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (e. g. computer, mobile phone, or tablet) when you browse various websites. Other technologies, including the data that is stored on web browsers or devices, also other identifiers associated with your device, and other software are used for similar purposes. Cookies are used to make websites work better and more efficiently. Please, read our Privacy Policy to get more information.


SSL Certificates: We are distributors for SSL certificates only and all rights are owned by the main company. We are not responsible for installing certificates on your site officially, but we will help you as much as possible.

Data Centers: In the event that your VPS, VDS, and server is closed from the data center, we do not bear any responsibility for that and we disclaim any responsibility for any damages or losses that occurred to you.

VAT: VAT is applied to all products for buyers from European Union countries only.

WordPress Premium plugins, Themes and Addon

Licenses: Kenzly is not affiliated or related to third-party developers or trademark owners. All premium add-ons and tools are official through corporates licensing purchased from developers, so you will get an officially licensed product that is upgradeable and scalable.

Copyright: The property rights of paid add-ons are owned by the developers unless otherwise stated, and we resell products and include them at reasonable prices within our services only.

License Keys & Activation: You will get the license after purchasing the product and most of these products are upgraded versions of free products of the same developer. Therefore, the free version can be tried first before purchasing the product, and in the case of purchasing the product, it is not subject to the refund policy. Only your site is licensed and the same license cannot be used on other sites. The license will be canceled immediately if it is confirmed that the licenses are used on other unlicensed sites.

Last updated: May 23, 2021: We reserve the right to modify our terms at any time, so please review them frequently. If we decide to change these terms in any way, we will notify you here, and by email too. In all cases, your continued use of any Services constitutes acceptance of any such changes.