Terms of use "Allowed & Not Allowed"

Kenzly provides web hosting to clients worldwide, and we have a responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best services available. By using the services, the customer agrees to be bound to any modifications of the Customers' Service.

The following is a non-exclusive list of content, and behavior prohibited by the Service:

  1. Content that contains or contains links to nudity, pornography, adult content, materials with sex, or foul language.
  2. Content that condones, promotes, contains, or links to warez, cracks, hacks, their associated utilities, or other piracy-related information, whether for educational purposes or not.
  3. Content that has been promoted through the sending of Spam or mail fraud schemes, or pages that promote or condone the sending of Spam. The sending of bulk email originating from our servers mass distributed to unknown recipients soliciting products or services, or of bulk email NOT originating from our servers mass distributed to unknown recipients soliciting products or services relating to a Kenzly Websites account will result in immediate account suspension.
  4. Content that is grossly offensive to the community, including blatant expressions for bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred, or excessive profanity, or to post any obscene, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectable material.
  5. Content or otherwise that exploits children under 18 years of age.
  6. Content that sells or promotes any products or services that are unlawful in the location at which the content is posted or received.
  7. Content that infringes or violates any copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights of any third party.
  8. Content that promotes mail fraud, multi-level marketing (pyramid) schemes, or other illegal or fraudulent activities.
  9. Content that posts or discloses any personally identifying information or private information about any third parties without their express consent.
  10. Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or otherwise deriving the underlying source code or structure or sequence of any Kenzly Websites service, solution, or technology.
  11. Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, or otherwise deriving the underlying source code or structure or sequence of individual passwording of Subscriber Sites (or pages contained therein).
  12. IRCd, the service for Internet Relay Chat.
  13. Automated forum/blog/guestbook posting and black SEO tools(XRumer).
  14. Denial-of-service attacks (DoS/DDOS attacks)
  15. Phishing or scam websites
  16. Network and port scan/brute-forcing
  17. Usage of cracked/nulled software or scripts
  18. Torrent trackers & sites, warez sharing, nulled scripts
  19. Live streaming projects ( Do not apply for tube websites or other projects with regular traffic usage )
  20. Registration from temporary emails, disposable e-mail addresses, fake email addresses is forbidden. All services will be permanently suspended.
  21. Send emails without PTR ( rDNS ) records, with fake rDNS records, with multiple domains ( Snowshoe spam )

The customer will be under obligation to structure the internet website so as to prevent overloading of the server, e.g. by CGI scripts/PHPs scripts, which require extensive computing power and a disproportionate volume of working memory. “Overloading” means usage of the aforementioned resources that is so intensive as to cause a noticeable and significant disruption, or even breakdown, in the operations of a server of the Provider. The Provider will be entitled to limit correspondingly the resources for websites that do not fulfill the aforementioned requirements.

If you have an inquiry regarding any item please contact us.

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