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  • Email Address: support@kenzly.eu
  • Email Address: ekenzly@gmail.com
During our free introductory consultation, which generally answers three questions maximum, we’ll discuss your concerns and needs, share what we have to offer and see if working together feels like a good fit. Contact us to get a free introductory consultation.
We rely on the inclusion of a multinational team of work and expertise where tasks are organized and distributed online through our project management program. Customers can easily communicate with their team or technical support.
Kenzly provides full support in English and Arabic to all clients and users across the world. Some team members can speak other languages so, contact us to ensure. Also, we can rely on Google Translate in the case of other languages. In the interest of the facilitate dealing with services, most of our platforms and services are multilingual and certainly, this will make their use very easy.
Certainly, not all products are from the company, but we offer our own products and products from other companies after testing the product quality. We may add some changes to the products in order to improve or add additional features.
Yes, You can sell your products through Kenzly if it complies with our product policy. The commission for each sale starts from 10% to 20% as a maximum. The commission rate for each product is determined by our sales criteria.
Kenzly exists to provide customers with complete solutions to all their current and future needs. By providing all of the necessary business advises, web solutions, marketing solutions, and many professional services via our platforms and websites.
All products and services offered are fixed-price. All you have to do is choose the product and contact us via the site contact form and mention the name of the product you wish to purchase or the product number and the invoice will be sent to you. The product is delivered after the payment is completed.
Yes, most products can be tried online easily before completing the purchase. You will have access to the control panel and experience all the advantages of the product, allowing you to fully understand the product.
We offer many subscription plans. Choose the plan that suits you and then click order. You will be sent to a request page. Enter your details and send the request to us. We will send the invoice to you and after completing the purchase process the plan will be activated.
You can easily unsubscribe via your Paypal account, or you can contact us to cancel your subscription.
The technical support period for products and services may vary, but the support period is not less than 6 months, and the support period can be extended for a fee. Also, some support products or services are available for free for life.
Paypal is our main payment gateway. Other payment gateways are available. Contact us to find the right payment method for you.
Yes, of course, we provide support, but at relatively high prices if you buy products from another company. Where we provide our customers with different support prices and definitely cheaper.
The purchase order cannot be cancelled after completing the payment process because we may transfer the money to the producing company and certainly the refund process will not be available. So make sure to confirm your order before making the purchase.
Kenzly has a lot of platforms and services as there are free and paid services across these platforms. Each platform has its own refund policy in case of termination or cancellation of the service. We also like to point out that most of the services are not refundable as most of them have a clear business model or give you a trial period before their final purchase such as the loyalty platform. Some services May require the purchase of additional programs or additional products according to the type of service and therefore it is difficult Money back. Kenzly services have been priced very well to suit the nature of each service and at very reasonable prices. In the case of dissatisfaction with the service, you can cancel your subscription.
When purchasing the product from Kenzly you will get the source files - the product's license number - the free installation of the product on your site - around the clock technical support - the features of the amendment to the product that was added by Kenzly for free.
We welcome everyone who wants to join the work team in Kinsley, where we distribute assignments alternately among the team members, and the work is managed and executed easily via the Internet. You can work from your place or your country easily. Just send us your CV file and we will contact you as soon as possible.
The product customization service in terms of design or code modification is an additional service and at other prices and does not fall under the original product price. In the event that you want to modify some code, make a special design, or modify product design, you must contact us to find out the costs before purchasing the product.
We definitely sell our products. Also, all other products of other companies are licensed and legal. You will definitely get a license code for the product.
You can get the latest offers, news and products by subscribing to the site's newsletter, which is available on our home page. We send one message a week to let you know what's new.
Please choose the plan that suits you and click order now. You will be redirected to payment information. Fill in the information, choose the appropriate payment method for you, and complete the payment process. If you order have a free domain name or you have a domain name, please write it in the request to be added to your account.

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