Many Websites around the world got error "The MySQL server is currently offline" most of the got frontend working correctly but in the backend, they miss some admin functions. some websites got an error in frontend and back end especially Laravel websites

they got error " 500 server error" and in the log file, they got error"General error: 1835 Malformed communication packet "

the problem caused because of the new version of MariaDB 10.3. The last version has cause many errors with Cpanel users and maybe other website control panels.

We also faced this issue and we fixed. everything is working perfectly right now.

How to solve the issue "MySQL server is currently offline"?

  • Please connect your host and ask them to downgrade MariaDB to the old version. this is a temporary solution until Cpanel make an update. 
  • The best solution is to update the server PHP version to php7.3. This solution working good and tested in our servers We highly recommended doing that.

For Laravel Websites who got error "General error: 1835 Malformed communication packet" do the same second solution. 

Everything will be working good right now. You can update PHP version direct from WHM for your server or VPS. We will show you how to make it in another post.

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