Kenzly Live Content Makers Competition - First season
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Kenzly Live Content Makers Competition - First season

We are very happy to announce the start of the first season in the Visual Content Makers Contest on the Kenzly Live platform. it's will start at 1/5/2020 ends at 30/5/2021. $100 every month for the best creator. The end of the season will be more enthusiastic, as the 50 best content creators are selected and honoured in an official event with media and press coverage.

General Conditions:

  • Subscribers from all countries are allowed.
  • The subscriber must be at least 18 years old.
  • The subscriber provides content that does not violate the copyright and be the owner of all the images and accompanying music it provides and all that falls under the copyright.
  • The subscriber provides the content of value to the community.
  • Posting videos using camera phones are allowed.
  • The audio and video should be of good quality for the viewers.
  • Videos are allowed to be published in your native or English language.
  • The title of the video should be clear and express the content.
  • Each participant has only one channel to participate in the competition.

Choose the winners

A winner is chosen every month and given an estimated reward of $ 100. At the end of the season, the 50 best content creators are selected on the platform and they are honoured in an official event.

The criteria for selecting winners are:
Good and valuable content
The number of subscribers to the channel
Interact with the content through likes and comments

Event Activities

The first season ends on 5/30/21 and a major official event will be set up. All winners throughout the season will be honoured with 50 other top content creators. The event will be covered by the media and press.
Services associated with Event
Hotel stay for those outside the country
Support on airline tickets
Great art party
Free tickets for escorts

Event Location

The location of the event and the country will be announced three months before the date, and the candidate countries are Estonia, Slovakia, Malta, UAE and Egypt.

Storage space

Kenzly Live platform provides 10 GB of free account space and open space to Pro accounts for $ 10 per month. So you should make good use of this free space to do your best.
Free accounts can request more & unlimited space for free. For details please contact us.

To follow up on updates and news about Event, please register on the Kenzly social media platform
To participate in the Kenzly Live competition click more details to sign up.

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