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Kenzly Pro Academy - Online Courses Platform

Kenzly Pro Academy for online Courses is our new platform, where we are pleased to announce the pilot operation of the platform via the Internet, which provides a wonderful opportunity to learn via the Internet, as well as the opportunity for trainers to share their courses on the platform, whether it is free courses or via the distinctive subscriptions system we've got.

Platform features:

  • The registration is free.
  • Easy navigation through a computer or phone.
  • Technical support system between trainers and learners.
  • The possibility of adding your courses easily on the platform without fees.
  • The possibility of making the courses available free of charge or at a cost.
  • Allow learners to download the course online to watch it offline.
  • The possibility of selling a copy of the course in CD format with the shipment tracking system to the buyer.
  • Low and fixed commission on selling online courses by 15% of sales percentage.
  • The subscriptions system in the course is possible at a fixed price or with a subscription renewed every three, six or nine months.
  • Diversity of fields on the platform to allow the participation of many courses in different fields.
  • The ability for learners to request specific courses and the required courses appear on a dedicated page, which helps coaches understand the needs of the participants.
  • The ability of the coaches to announce the upcoming courses to members easily, allowing subscribers to track all your courses and news.
  • The ability to write articles easily and at the end of each article displays the courses of the author, which gives a good impression to the participants about the extent of your experience and motivates them to join or buy your course.
  • Easy control panel for learners and coaches.
  • A special library for each instructor with which he can easily create separate folders for each course.

The platform is in a trial run and we are glad to receive your comments as we are honoured to join us as a coach

To visit the platform, please Click here

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